HEMP Power Line Filter
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HEMP Power Line Filter

HEMP Power Line Filter

· Current:16~2500A.

· Meet MIL-STD-188-125 parts 1&2; DEF STAN 59-188 parts 1&2 for E1, E2 pulses.

· CE certification, RoHS compliance.

· Application: Electrical, aerospace, military etc.

· Customized acceptable.


Rated Voltage

440VAC (phase to phase)/250VAC (phase to case)

Operating Frequency50/60Hz
Climatic Category


Test voltage(2S)2250VDC (each line to case)


EMP filters can help protect communication lines and equipments from HEMP. They are vital to national defense.

Widely used in EMP room.

HEMP Power Line filters meeting the PCI requirements of MIL-STD-188-125 parts 1 and 2,
And DEF STAN 59-188 parts 1 and 2 for E1 and E2 pulses.

All filters are rated at DC-60Hz, and fitted with high-energy trainsient suppressors. All lines are individually filtered.

Shielding effectiveness can up to 10GHz 100dB.

Install Schematic Diagram:


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