PE3800 Book-style EMC/RFI Filter for Inverters and Power Drive Systems
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PE3800 Book-style EMC/RFI Filter for Inverters and Power Drive Systems

Three Phase Filter

Rated Current: 1A~250A


3 phase variable speed motor drives,power drives systems(PDS)

Four quadrant motor drives and servo drives 

Elevators,Thyristor drives,CNC machine and cranes

Industrial applications comprising power conversion devices, 

such as machinery,machine tools and process automation equipment

HVAC equipment,elevator,power supply,UPS and further 3 phase applications

Three Phase Filter Specification:

Rated voltage275/480VAC
Rated current1A~250A
Operating frequency50/60Hz
Temperature RangeHPF25/100/21
Test voltage(1min)Line to Line 1450VDC
Line to Ground 2700VDC

Electrical Schematic:

3800 E.jpg

Filter Selection Table:


Rated Current(A)

Rated Voltage(V)

Leakage Current(mA)

Input/Output Connections

PE3800-8-608275/48033Safety terminal block
PE3800-16-6016275/48033Safety terminal block
PE3800-30-6030275/48033Safety terminal block
PE3800-42-6042275/48033Safety terminal block
PE3800-55-6055275/48033Safety terminal block
PE3800-75-6075275/48033Safety terminal block
PE3800-100-60100275/48033Safety terminal block
PE3800-130-60130275/48033Safety terminal block
PE3800-180-60180275/48033Safety terminal block
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